Who Can Own a Medspa in New York?

Are you interested in owning a medspa in New York? If so, you should know that the rules for medispas in the state are different from those in other states. In New York, only doctors or corporations owned by doctors can legally own a medispa. All procedures must be performed by medical professionals and billed through the medispa. In most states, it is required that a doctor or a corporation owned by a doctor be the legal owner of a doctor's office. However, non-doctors can own a medical spa in New York.

A medical spa is considered a medical practice, so it must be owned by a doctor or group of doctors. In New Jersey, only one doctor or group of doctors can own a medical spa. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs are unaware of the rules or choose to ignore them and open medspas that violate the corporate practice of the doctrine of medicine.

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