Are Medical Spas Safe? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, medical spas are becoming increasingly popular. But are they safe? In general, the answer is yes. Medical spas are generally very safe, especially when compared to cosmetic surgery. However, there are some risks associated with certain procedures, which your provider should inform you about before committing to treatment.

Medical spas are staffed by highly trained medical professionals with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of anatomy. This means that the treatments they offer are generally safe and produce aesthetically pleasing results. However, if you have a skin irregularity, bumps, rash, skin injury, or skin inflammation, you should go to a dermatologist instead of a medical spa. Today's lasers have progressed to the point where they can be safely used in a medical spa (and often cost less than in a dermatology office).

However, medspa experts cannot medically test patients, which is the vital capacity of a dermatologist.

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