Can a Nurse Practitioner Own a Medspa in California?

California has strict regulations when it comes to owning and operating a medical spa. Physicians must be the practice owners or employees of the medical corporation or company, and non-doctors, such as nurses, cannot have a stake in the ownership of a medical business. However, nurse practitioners can still participate in the day-to-day operations of a medical spa through a Management Services Organization (MSO).A number of enterprising nurse practitioners are taking the medspa route, opening practices that attend to cosmetic procedures. Before opening the doors of your MedSpa, it is important to review the scope of practice guidelines for NPs in your state, as well as specific guidelines for owning a MedSpa or a practice that offers cosmetic procedures.

The American MedSpa Association provides a summary of these state guidelines, although one must pay to become a member of the organization. Opening a MedSpa can be a cost-effective way for nurse practitioners to use their skills in a business endeavor. It is important to ensure that you and your staff are properly trained in the administration of cosmetic procedures before beginning operations. Additionally, similar guidelines may exist for nursing professionals who delegate nurses or estheticians in the MedSpa environment.

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