How Often Should You Get a Massage for Health Benefits?

It is recommended to have a massage at least once every three weeks, or even every two weeks, to help repair healthy tissues and reduce the pain caused by intensive workouts. Massage can also help with work-related stress buildup. Depending on the underlying health condition, your massage therapist may suggest a frequency and duration for deep tissue massages. For those suffering from severe pain, it is recommended to go for a massage at least once a month, but as often as twice a week.

However, if you wait too long between sessions, your muscles will start to tighten up again. Different techniques such as deep tissue massage and stress massage can be used depending on your needs. For the average person trying to stay active and in good shape, it is recommended to get a massage once a month. If you are an athlete or have higher-intensity training periods, increasing your sessions to twice a month is always an option.

Professional athletes may need massage therapy several times a week in order to maintain their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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