How Many Medical Spas Are There in Canada?

According to Dagmar White, communications event coordinator and for the Spa Industry Association of Canada (SIAC), Canada is home to approximately 3,000 spa facilities. As vaccination and ease of social restrictions are expected to allow medical spas to resume treatments with preventive measures and COVID-19 guidelines, many medical spas have started offering virtual consultations to patients. This is anticipated to have a positive impact on market growth in the coming year. The concept of coherence is rapidly taking hold in the US medspa space, with department stores and other retailers introducing dedicated flagship stores to offer medical spa services.

Its success has been creating a stir, encouraging corporate companies, major hospital chains and major pharmacological companies to invest funds in several MedSpa facilities. The medical part of the MedSpa is attended by the presence of a doctor specialized in exercise who must always be present in the facility. Some of the most renowned MedSpas include Chic La Vie; Kurotel-Longevity Medical Center & Spa; Clinique La Prairie; Lanserhof Lans; Longevity Wellness Worldwide; The Orchard Wellness Resort; Bijoux Medi-Spa; Biovital Medspa; Allure Medspa; Serenity Medspa; Vichy Celestins Spa Hotel; Sha Wellness Clinic; Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa; Mezzatorre Resort & Spa; Center Cocoona Aesthetic Transformation; Lily's Medi Spa; Medispa Aesthetics; Drx Aesthetics; Mandarin Oriental; Westchase Medspa; Lisse; Chiva Som. Technological advances have played an important role in shaping the MedSpa industry over the years, increasing not only availability but also making non-invasive treatments (e.g., Botox) more affordable.

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