What Do Medical Spa Nurses Do?

As a medical spa nurse, your responsibilities include providing a variety of client services such as beauty and aesthetic treatments, administering skin care, facilitating post-operative patient care, managing sterilization and examination room inventory, scheduling patients, and assisting during doctor visits. As a registered nurse at a medical spa, you are responsible for performing non-surgical cosmetic procedures for clients. This may involve injections, fillers, or laser treatments, and you may be asked to assist a doctor with complex treatments. In addition to performing treatments, medical spas emphasize comfort and luxury, so you must demonstrate excellent customer service skills at all times.

RNs at medical spas often assess client suitability for treatments, suggest alternatives when the original request is not suitable, inform clients of care plans before and after treatment, and travel between facilities as needed. Most medical spa treatments are performed on the same day the client requests them.

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